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22 inch Tires

Lionhart offers a large selection of 22 inch tires with a wide range of driving styles and driving conditions in mind. From all-season and passenger tires to high-performance tires, Lionhart offers 22 inch tires for your vehicle. Whether you are looking to improve traction, or need unique sizing requirement, Lionhart’s tires are built to deliver reliability, value and performance. Find the best 22″ tires for your vehicle below.

Benefits of 22 Inch Tires

Oftentimes, 22 inch tires are chosen for their aesthetic appeal and potential handling improvements, particularly in performance and luxury vehicles. Most modern performane and luxury vehicle’s come equipped with 22″ tires from the factory. For example, the latest Audi RS6 utilizes 285/30ZR22 tires. The most obvious benefit is the aesthetics when it comes to 22″ tires. Luxury SUVs, such as a Range Rover, can benefit from a larger wheel and tire combination to fill the fender gap. Visuals aside, there can be potential in handling and traction performance depending on the vehicle’s size. The wider contact patch may enhance grip on the road surface, which can contribute to a more stable ride at higher speeds.

Find The Right 22 Inch Tire

Finding the perfect 22″ tire for your vehicle is simple. Tire size information can be found on the inside frame of the driver’s side door, inside the glove compartment door, the manufacturers manual, or your tire’s sidewall. If you don’t know how to find this information, read our how to read tire markings guide. Once you’ve noted this information, you can find a 22″ tire that best meets your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What size tires can I put on 22 inch rims?

It's important to ensure that the chosen tire size is compatible with your vehicle's specifications and intended use. Consulting with a tire professional or using a tire size calculator can help determine the best fit for your vehicle.

What cars have 22 inch tires?

As mentioned above, a wide variety of modern vehicle's come equipped with 22 inch tires from the factory. Including but not limited to the BMX X5, Porsche Taycan, Rivian R1T, Kia Carnival and many more.

Can I put 22 inch rims on my car?

Whether you can put 22" rims on your car depends on several factors specific to your vehicle such as wheel well clearance, bolt pattern compatibility, offset and width, suspension components, and most importantly, tire selection.

How do 22 inch tires affect fuel efficiency?

Opting for 22" tires can lead to a decrease in fuel efficiency due to increased energy requirements for movement, added weight, potential aerodynamic effects, and changes in vehicle dynamics that might affect driving patterns. However, this only applies when plus-sizing from a much smaller tire, such as jumping from 17" to 22". Most modern luxury and performance vehicle's come factory-equipped with 22" tires, and that vehicle has been optimized by the manufacturer to use that tire size.