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20 inch Tires

Lionhart offers a large selection of 20 inch tires with a wide range of driving styles and driving conditions in mind. From all-season tires to all-terrain tires, Lionhart offers 20 inch tires for your vehicle. Whether you are looking to improve traction, off-road capability or a unique sizing requirement, Lionhart’s tires are built to deliver reliability, value and performance. Find the best 20″ tires for your vehicle below.

Benefits of 20 Inch Tires

Bigger tires have become increasingly popular, as most auto manufacturers equip their vehicle’s with 20 inch wheels as standard. Although plus-sizing is often suggested against, it is still a viable option, especially when you are upgrading to a larger wheel diameter. One of the benefits of a 20” tire is that they are more aesthetically pleasing. Not only do they generally look better, but they do a good job of filling the gap between the top of the tire and fender. Another benefit is that 20” tires can potentially increase handling performance as they tend to have a smaller sidewall, meaning they tend to offer improved rigidity during cornering.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What size tire can I fit on 20 inch wheels?

A wheel that has a diameter of 20 inches requires a tire of the same diameter. However, the width and aspect ratio can vary. Refer to your vehicle’s owner manual to know exactly what tire size you need.

What vehicles use 20 inch tires?

In today’s market, almost every vehicle manufacturer utilizes 20 inch tires as standard. To learn more about which vehicles are equipped with 20 inch tires, check out our Tires by Vehicle section.

Why are 20 inch wheels better?

They can potentially provide more control, improved traction and enhanced handling characteristics. In addition to its performance benefits, 20 inch tires are generally considered more aesthetically pleasing than smaller tires.

Do 20 inch wheels offer a comfortable ride?

Ride comfort has several factors. For example, going from a 22” tire to a 20” tire will offer significantly more comfort. On the other hand, going from an 18” tire to a 20” tire may cause slight discomfort. Additionally, the width and aspect ratio of the tire also play a role in ride comfort. A lower profile sidewall will be much less comfortable than one that is larger. The same logic can be applied to the width of the tire.