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18 inch Tires

Lionhart offers a large selection of 18 inch tires with a wide range of driving styles and driving conditions in mind. From all-season and all-terrain tires to high-performance tires, Lionhart offers 18 inch tires for your vehicle. Whether you are looking to improve traction, comfort or need a unique sizing requirement, Lionhart’s tires are built to deliver reliability, value and performance. Find the best 18″ tires for your vehicle below.

Benefits of 18 Inch Tires

In today’s market, 18 inch wheels and tires are commonplace as most modern vehicles come equipped with them as standard. Because 18 inch tires are so common, there are many benefits. Some of the most notable benefits are improved acceleration, braking and handling, better fuel efficiency, reduced road noise and ride comfort. Additionally, because of their popularity there is much wider availability and selection.

Find The Right 18 Inch Tire

Finding the perfect 18″ tire for your vehicle is simple. Tire size information can be found on the inside frame of the driver’s side door, inside the glove compartment door, the manufacturers manual, or your tire’s sidewall. If you don’t know how to find this information, read our how to read tire markings guide. Once you’ve noted this information, you can find a 18″ tire that best meets your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What size tire is best for 18 inch wheels?

The best tire size for an 18 inch wheel varies depending on the vehicle, driving conditions, and preference. It's important to understand exactly what you are trying to achieve. Someone looking to fit custom wheels may require a niche sizing requirement versus someone simply replacing OE tires.

What is the difference between an 18 inch tire and a 20 inch tire?

There is no right answer, as both sizes have benefits. Ultimately, it comes down to individual preference and requirements when tire shopping. That said, it's a good idea to use the same size when replacing tires.

What is the most common 18 inch tire size?

The most common 18 inch tire sizes are 225/40, 225/60, 235/45 and 235/50.

Do 18 inch tires wear faster?

Tire wear is influenced by many factors like driving style, driving conditions, regular maintenance and the overall quality of the tire. Learn more about how to get the most out of your tires.