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Lionhart is the number one choice for everything tires. From OE replacement tires to dedicated high-performance tires, Lionhart has what your vehicle needs. Get the best performance out of your tires.

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Lionhart LH-FIVE Angle

All-Season tires offer year-round performance in a wide variety of road conditions. With outstanding control and improved break times, our tires maintain reliability on wet, dry, or snowy roads. Whether you are looking for high performance, ultra high performance, passenger or truck tires; Lionhart provides unmatched value.


Lionhart Lionclaw ATX2 Angle

All-Terrain tires, which we call Lionclaw, feature an aggressive tread pattern and larger tread blocks to provide traction in off-road driving conditions. In addition to off-road performance, our tires maintain comfort and reliability on paved roads.


Lionhart LH-503 Angle

Performance tires, High Performance tires, and Ultra High Performance tires provide an all-around exceptional driving experience. Whether you are looking for speed, grip, handling, or all of the above, these tires are built to offer it all. Take your sports car to the next level.


Lionhart LH-TEN Angle

Sport Truck tires feature all-season tread patterns that are optimized for a variety of weather conditions and offer enhanced traction. Our tires provide style and performance, while boasting a smooth and quiet ride. Whether you are looking for SUV tires, CUV tires, or pickup truck tires; Lionhart provides unmatched value.


Lionhart LH-ELEVEN Angle

Summer tires are the number one choice for performance vehicles of all types. Providing excellent traction on dry roads and rain-slick roads, our tires maintain a high level of performance. If you require comfort, road feel, and long trad life; Lionhart provides unmatched value.


Lionhart LH-501 Angle

Trailer tires are developed specifically for use on trailer, campers, boat trailers, and fifth wheel trailers. Our tires provide improved tread wear, comfort, low road noise, and peace of mind in on-highway driving conditions. Combined with unmatched value, Lionhart tires are made to last.


Tires By Size

Lionhart Tires offers a full lineup of tires with every type of driver in mind. Wether you need new tires for your daily commute or all-terrain tires for your truck, we have you covered. How about performance tires? Lionhart carries high performance and ultra high performance tires that deliver maximum grip. We offer tire sizes starting at 14 inches up to 32 inches, ensuring you will always find the perfect tire.

About Lionhart

At Lionhart Tires, we have been dedicated to the advancement of tire design and development from the very beginning. With certifications and marks in Europe, the Middle East and throughout Asia, we are able to offer our distributors, retailers, and customers with high quality and high value tires.

Tire Guide

Interested in learning what the numbers on your tires mean? Looking to make an educated decision when buying new tires? We’ve curated a growing collection of tire guides, tips, and articles to help keep you informed about all things tires so you can drive with confidence.

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