All Weather Truck Performance

Moving around in any weather is important to truck and SUV owners. The Lionclaw HT gives you the performance you need no matter the road conditions.

Here at Lionhart, we needed a premium all season tire created exclusively for today’s SUV’s, Light Trucks and Sport/Utility Vans. As a result, our experts designed the Lionclaw HT. The tire is a high quality product delivers a very quiet, comfortable, stable and responsive driving experience no matter the road conditions.

We strove to give you this product at substantial savings compared with comparable competing brands. This doesn’t mean the tire suffers in quality. We combined the very latest in computer designed technology, modern manufacturing facilities and streamline distribution to bring you this wheel at a highly competitive price point. The result is an affordable tire that gives you all the benefits of a more expensive brand.

The Lionclaw HT is a long lasting, superior performing all season highway tire that enhances and exceeds your expectations. The tire has firmly established enhanced shoulder treatments. Combined with lateral tread notches and a rigid center rib, the tire yields consistently predictable traction and control in all driving conditions. You get excellent performance in all weather including wet or wintry conditions.

Lionhart Lionclaw HT: Limited 40,000 Mile Warranty (P-Metric Sizes Only)