Lionhart AT All Terrain Tire

Being able to navigate in any form of terrain is important to any truck owner. Whether you're moving across city streets or crossing unmaintained dirt trails, the Lionhart AT all terrain tire is a perfect fit for your ride.

We have combined current and thoroughly tested technologies to create the newest addition to the innovative and expanding Lionhart Tire line.  This tire holds its own with exceptional All Terrain Performance while maintaining a smooth, quiet ride while on the pavement.  You gain the benefit of city luxury with rural terrain access.  Whether its Rain, Mud or Snow the Lionhart AT tire will provide the aggressive off road performance you expect.

The carefully designed full depth sipes and grooves provide consistent and reliable performance throughout the entire life of this tire.  To ensure stability, a unilateral center rib dominates the core of the tire.  This solidifies the ride experience on and off the highway.

The Lionhart AT is set at a price point that gives you the full range of terrain access without breaking your wallet.  We’ve found the perfect balance of technology and testing combined with manufacturing and price to provide the tire that truly serves your all-purpose needs.