Lionhart LH-HTP

LH-HTP Lightweight Truck Tire

The Lionhart LH-HTP is an excellent choice for OE replacement when a high quality, excellent performing, quiet and reasonably priced light truck tire is sought.

The new LH-HTP has all of these attributes and more including a symmetric tread design with broad outer shoulders and substantial intermediate blocks to ensure responsive traction and handling on wet and dry roads. The LH-HTP lineup includes P-Metric to LT applications, depending on the load requirements of your specific vehicle. Broad circumferential and lateral tread grooves ensure consistent water evacuation to resist hydroplaning while the engineered sipes maintain a dependable all weather grip for precise handling and control.

If you’re looking for a high quality replacement tire that won’t break the bank but still provide confidence and peace of mind, the Lionhart LH-HTP light truck is for you!