Lionhart LH-ELEVEN


The NEW Lionhart LH-Eleven UHP tire features a unique asymmetrical tread design which incorporates multiple slits and sipes synergized with the multi tread corrugation incisions further enhanced by the 4 circumferential grooves, resulting in enhanced braking, improved traction and the ultimate in overall performance!

This high quality, Ultra High Performance Urban Tire blends ride comfort, superb performance and reliable handling in all weather conditions.

The LH-Eleven was developed with a silica enhanced tread compound with not only strengthens the tire but also reduces tread flex while improving other areas of performance including lateral acceleration, braking and reduced hydroplaning.

Designed for wet and dry conditions while maintaining quick response performance, the LH-Eleven delivers incredible style and performance at a sensible price point. Multi staggered fitments, the patented Lionhart tread depth indicator, looks and performance draw you in and keeps you coming back for an awesome ride experience! The Lionhart LH-Eleven is the logical decision.