Lionhart LH-403RF

Lionhart LH-403 Run Flat

A blowout at high speeds is a scary and dangerous experience. Lionhart's LH-403RF Run Flat tire minimizes the effects of these traumatic moments.

Whatever your ride, it’s the tires it rests on it that holds it to the earth.  Vehicles move at high speeds, so nothing defines your safety like an inflated set of tires.  A blowout at an inopportune moment can thrust you into harms way.  Lionhart LH-403 Run-Flat tires are the answer to this dilemma.  Designed to bridge that critical moment when a flat occurs and you safely arrive at a tire shop to repair the damage.

Self-sealing and self-supporting tires are a result of endless testing on how tires fail.  Punctures from road debris can often cause instant and violent pressure failure.  The LH-403 uses advanced construction technology to instantly seal around imbedded objects.  They will also seal or drastically slow punctures where the invading object is pulled from the object.  Shifting rubber and internal  puncture sealant respond quickly to keep your tire inflated.  This can slow tire failure to the point a trip to the tire shop is a mere inconvenience as opposed to a rescue tow.

Another common factor in tire failure is the loss of stability vertically when tire pressure changes.  Lionhart’s LH-403 combats this with stiffer internal construction on the sidewalls.  This enhanced construction won’t carry the weight of the vehicle indefinitely.  It will reduce the violence of sudden pressure loss and provide short term stability as you move to safety.  Mobility on a damaged tire can be everything when the location you’re potentially stranded in isn’t ideal.  The combination of LH-403’s puncture repair and sidewall stability will help you move safely to a place where your vehicle and its precious cargo can be repaired and put back on the road.