Lionhart LH-311

LH-311 Harmonic Tire

Smooth and quiet rides are a joy. When your ride has harmonic tires that get you from a to z without loss of grip or stability, you know you're rolling on the LH-311

We want our tires to be well balanced, safe and give us a quiet ride.  Achieving proper results in testing is a goal for every tire, but some always perform better than others.  The Lionhart LH-311 is part of our Harmonic family of tires.  The technology behind this passenger vehicle tire gives an incredibly smooth and stable ride. 

The three centralized tread patterns provide stable grip in all directions.  Engineered to properly maintain constant contact with the road under any directional conditions, the solid core rings achieve high non-slip standards.  The well balanced deep treads and how they’ve been spaced to handle compression also provide a smooth quiet ride.

Studying and holding every aspect of the LH-311 to the highest standards helped us to achieve this perfectly harmonic tire.  Controlling lateral and radial force while providing the best distribution of fore and aft force is a complex science requiring well-planned design and diligent testing.  The LH-311 is what happens when both receive diligence.