Lionhart LH-101

The ALL NEW LH-101 is comprised of a newly engineered technique incorporating an additional reinforced inner shoulder rib for improved rigidity resulting in precise and predictable handling.

Lionhart LH-202

The Lionhart LH-202 is a “W” speed rated Ultra High Performance tire designed to deliver tremendous handling at high speeds!

17" | 18" | 20"
Lionhart LH-303

The LH-303 is an excellent choice for smaller vehicles requiring 13, 14 & 15 inch tire replacement.

15" | 16" | 17" | 18"
Lionhart LH-311

Smooth and quiet rides are a joy. When your ride has harmonic tires that get you from a to z without loss of grip or stability, you know you’re rolling on the LH-311

15" | 16" | 17"
Lionhart LH-403RF

A blowout at high speeds is a scary and dangerous experience. Lionhart’s LH-403RF Run Flat tire minimizes the effects of these traumatic moments.

16" | 17" | 18" | 19"
Lionhart LH-404

When those new expensive “original equipment” tires need replacement, look no further than best value tire in it’s class, the Lionhart LH-404.

Lionhart LH-501

The Lionhart LH-501 is a viable replacement option to just about any major brand Original Equipment tire.

14" | 15" | 16"
Lionhart LH-503

Introducing the ALL NEW Lionhart LH-503, including “V” and “W” speed ratings in 17″, 18″ and 19″ sizes engineered for superior performance and all around handling!

Lionhart LH-Three Tire

The Lionhart LH-Three 2 is Lionhart’s newest Max High Performance Tire developed with the driving enthusiast in mind.

20" | 28" | 30"
Lionhart LH-Four

The NEW Lionhart LH-FOUR represents the new generation of ultra performance tires developed for high performance sport cars, coupes and sedan applications.

17" | 18" | 19" | 20"
Lionhart LH-Five

The Lionhart LH-Five represents our newest and most technologically advanced, premium high performance tire built to perform on the world’s most advanced vehicles!

17" | 18" | 19" | 20" | 21" | 22" | 24" | 26" | 30"
Lionhart LH-Eight

The Lionhart LH-Eight Sport truck high performance radials feature an all season tread design featuring a symmetrical tread blocks that include isolated shoulder and alternating blocks combined with a continuous center rib to ensure stability on dry roads.

20" | 22" | 24" | 26"
Lionhart LH-Eleven

The NEW Lionhart LH-Eleven UHP tire features a unique asymmetrical tread design which incorporates multiple slits and sipes synergized with the multi tread corrugation incisions further enhanced by the 4 circumferential grooves, resulting in enhanced braking, improved traction and the ultimate in overall performance!

Lionhart LH-HTP

The Lionhart LH-HTP is an excellent choice for OE replacement when a high quality, excellent performing, quiet and reasonably priced light truck tire is sought.

15" | 16" | 17" | 18"

Being able to navigate in any form of terrain is important to any truck owner. Whether you’re moving across city streets or crossing unmaintained dirt trails, the Lionhart AT all terrain tire is a perfect fit for your ride.

15" | 16" | 17" | 18" | 20"
Lionhart LionClaw MT

The Lionhart LIONCLAW says it all! Aggressive, ferocious and relentless, this exciting new Mud Terrain tire has everything you need to scale any and all terrain it encounters..

17" | 18" | 20"
Lionhart LH-CTS

The Lionhart LH-CTS trailer tires have the proper load carrying capacity for your trailer hauling needs and are engineered to provide a long lasting, reliable and dependable support to give you peace of mind whenever you decide to hit the road en route to your final destination.