Bagged Dodge Charger R/T sitting 0n LH-Five tires. From our performance series, the LH-Five delivers precision handling and maximum traction at maximum speeds.

LH-Ten Lionhart Tires Chevrolet Silverado

Custom, bagged Chevy Silverado slammed on Lionhart LH-Ten Tires. The owner of this piece of art went all out. From the custom paint job to the custom engravings, Nokturnal Car Club sets the bar high!

Lionhart LH-Ten Tires Bentley Continental GT

Catch your flight in style!
Bentley Continental GT rolling on Lionhart LH-Ten Performance tires.

LH-Five Lionhart Tires Bagged Dodge Charger Scat Pack

Take a look at this bagged Scat Pack Dodge Charger completed with LH-Five tires. Whether your ride is bagged or static, the Lionhart LH-Five will set you right. From our performance series, the LH-Five delivers precision handling and maximum traction at maximum speeds.

LH-Ten Lionhart Tires Chevrolet Silverado

Big Trucks with Big Wheels Need Big Tires!
This Chevrolet Silverado is rolling on 32″ LH-Ten Sport Truck Performance Tires. Big wheels are not for everyone, but they sure fit the look on this truck. Definitely a unique look that turns a lot of heads.

Lionhart LH-Five Tires Ford Mustang GT

What an attention grabber. This wrapped Ford Mustang GT features the Lionhart LH-Five tires. The LH-Five tire is from our Performance series. It offers great tread life and precision handling. This is the perfect tire for a muscle car like sweet Mustang GT.

LH-Five Lionhart Tires Chevrolet C10 ERA

Take a look at C10 ERA’s Clean Chevy C10 cruising on Lionhart LH-Five tires. This incredible 1964 Chevy C10 is laid out on 255/30ZR22 LH-Fives in the front and 305/30ZR22 in the rear. When I think of a classic truck, a Chevy C10 just like this one is the first that comes to mind. A dream build.

Lionhart LH-Five LH-Ten Tires Widebody Dodge Charger Scat Pack

What a BEAST! Bagged Widebody Charger Scat Pack crusing on Lionhart Tires. With a car build of this caliber, you need special sized tires. That’s where we come in clutch bringing this neck breaker to life.

Lionhart LH-Ten Tires Bagged RAM 1500 SEMA Truck

Check out The cRAMbury rolling on Lionhart LH-Ten Tires. This immaculate Bagged RAM 1500 was definitely a showstopper being one of, if not, the only 2020 Bagged RAM 1500 at the 2019 SEMA Show.

Lionhart LH-Five Tires Cadillac XTS

This daily driven Cadillac XTS is on our LH-Five Ultra High Performance Tires. The LH-Five UHP tire has excellent tread life, delivers precision handling and superb traction at all speeds.

Lionhart LH-Ten Tires Dodge Demon

Dodge came out with a BEAST, the Dodge Demon! The Demon was created for the true car enthusiast. With a whopping 840 hp, the Demon will cover miles in no time. That being said, it also needs stopping power. So we had the LH-Ten tires take care of that. A perfect combination with Lionhart LH-Ten tires.

Lionhart LH-Five Tires Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG

The Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG, an all terrain luxury SUV. With a V8 Biturbo engine, you need some serious grip.
That is where the Ultra High Performance LH-Five tire comes into play. The LH-Five UHP tire has excellent tread life, delivers precision handling and superb traction at all speeds.

Lionhart LH-Five Aston Martin DB11

The new 2019 Aston Martin DB11 paired with LH-Five Performance tires. The Lionhart LH-Five tires handled this Luxurious Beast while taking on sharp canyon turns. Lionhart LH-Five is the way to go!

Lionhart Tires LH-Five Red Lamborghini Huracan

| Italian Beast |We used our LH-Five Ultra High Performance Tire to handle this Lamborghini Huracan. The LH-Five tirehandled aggressive, tight turns and top speeds without any problems.

LH-Three Black Mustang

Those are LH-Three II tires on this beast. Not all Mustangs are created equal. Being one of fourteen King Premier Convertibles in the Kyle Petty editions of the Mustang, you’re looking at a whopping 727hp of fury. All of that power is perfectly complemented by this set of 22s wrapped in Lionharts.

LH-Ten Mercedes GWagon

Mercedes has a winner with the GWagon. It is a formidable geometric ride that remains elegant despite all the luxury and detail. Finding that balance has always been a strength of Mercedes, so it’s only fitting to get a well established set of tires on this ride. The LH-Five fit these 26″ wheels like a glove. The combo enhances the ride’s natural beauty without any effort at all.

This Lexus stands out. We shot it on a rare gray day in Pasadena, but even the gloom couldn’t dullen its fierce exterior. It was early and we had the streets all to ourselves. The driver got aggressive with the wet streets and these staggered LH-Five Lionhart tires performed admirably. It made for a great day…

LH-Five White Mustang

I love it when we get to go out and shoot American Muscle cars. This Mustang was no exception. It was clean with fierce lines. Ready to jump at any moment, the car didn’t want to stand still. We had fun taking it to task on the track. The LH-Fives gripped the road as we ran this bad boy through the paces.

LH-Five Red Corvette

All Corvettes have that look even when they’re standing still. They all look like they’re going 100MPH at all times. We also have no doubt they can explode to that speed faster than mere mortal cars. It’s part of the Corvette mystique. LH-Fives are the perfect match to get the ride there in record time. Standing still just isn’t an option.

LH-Ten RangeRover

We shot this Mercedes S550 AMG at Van Nuys Airport on those occasions Lina Posada rolled in. The 22 inch staggered wheels and tires make this ride look like a sleek predator. The performance of the tires allow it to grip any aggressive curves they encounter.